Which kind of cosmetic bed you should buy?

Cosmetic bed is one of the most important elements in the beauty office. If you chose proper beauty bed, it will serve you by years.

Proper cosmetic equipment

The first question is – how do you want to use a bed? Do you need a portable or a stationary one? The choice depends also on that what kind of treatments you want to do there.  There are a lot of different beds on the market. They have different colors, shapes, and materials which they are made from.

Major beauty beds types: foldable, mechanic, electric

Foldable cosmetic beds will serve people who work I customer’s houses and on outbound show. That solution will stack up o offices where it’s necessary to divide the room. Mechanic tables let to regulate the height to match every customer. Thank to that you will have more possibly maneuvers.

beauty salon equipment

Electric cosmetic beds

Electric beds allow you to make changes using the pilot. You can put it up or lower.  Materials which the bed is made of are really important.  It’s about covering and whole construction. It should be easy to clean and it should be resistant on different cosmetics action.  That’s why that all have huge significance.

Foldable cosmetic beds

If the foldable beds are concerned, the weight is really important. The lightest it is the better it is. Well matched bed has to be adequately stabile. Its height depends on that’s function. There also could be armrest, bolster and footstool. Access to the bed is really important. Thank to that the treatments would be made on comfortable conditions. You should match bed taking into account anatomy and functionality.

Massage cosmetics bed

If you want use bed for massage it has to have proper headrest and a hole for face. If it will be used for pedicure, it has to also have properly regulated backrest. Cosmetics beds which are used for SPA have different form. It has to have option of spot and roll massage. It’s worth to prepare a chair which is easy to clean.


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