Beauty salon’s opening. Cosmetic equipment – Part II

Periodic inspection of furniture

Even the best equipment could need a periodic inspection or repair because something detrimental could happen to it. Long pending repair would be a big problem if the equipment is basic source of yours income. If you have the equipment from foreign country, that process could be more difficult and time-consuming.  That’s probably the worst situation because it would be really hard to solve that problem.

How to manage in that situation?

If you have cosmetic equipment from your country, you can expect that it will be repaired faster.  It will be also easier to negotiate about time of repairing with the producer. A lot of people also think about special training which would prepare us to care about specific cosmetic equipment. It’s worth to think about that training because there are situation when it could help you. If they will be leaded by producer’s representative, you can benefit from it a lot.

specific equipment

No matter if you want, you have to consider prices. You have to consider if it’s worth to buy cheaper equipment.  For the most part it has lower quality and you can’t be sure how will it work and if it won’t need repair soon. We would rather advise against buying the equipment form China, because we don’t know how are they made and what can we expect bout them.

Furniture cost 

On the beginning investment in specialized equipment looks to doesn’t make sense. It’s really huge expenditure and you won’t recover that costs quickly because you don’t have a lot of clients. You should buy cheaper cosmetic equipment which won’t encumber you too much but simultaneously it would guarantee you good and profitable service.


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